The hashtag APOLOGIZE TO LISA is now trending on social media and has even turn out to be a topic of conversation during the sphere.

So what’s the APOLOGIZE TO LISA hashtag? It is some distance acknowledged that Lisa is thought to be one of many participants of the Blackpink band.

The Thai lady became trending on Twitter now not too prolonged within the past., Because a Twitter story @spinrbimu*ic uploaded the BLACKPINK member and ‘APOLOGIZE TO LISA’ which became trending worldwide.

“”APOLOGIZE TO LISA” traits on Twitter after Spotify changed its Ok-Pop rankings for #SpotifyWrapped and Lisa became the target for definite things at the side of but now not cramped to shaming,” wrote the story in an announcement on Twitter, quoted from Nambanation Twitter.

Till this text was written, the story’s uploads had been cherished by larger than 5 thousand Twitter users and retweeted larger than 4 thousand times.

The ‘APOLOGIZE TO LISA’ vogue stems from the realization of BLACKPINK fans that Lisa deserves an apology from Spotify for the mistake attributable to their crew.

‘APOLOGIZE TO LISA’ has turn out to be thought to be one of many tip world Twitter traits within the intervening time.

This incident is in actuality calm related to the existence of Spotify Wrapped which is a vogue all over the sphere.

Spotify Wrapped is a song app feature that enables users to thought traits within the song they are paying attention to.

With Spotify Wrapped, we might perchance well also obtain out the tip song genres to the forms of songs that are usually played.

Furthermore, Spotify Wrapped offers users with recordsdata regarding the genres they are attracted to, at the side of Ok-Pop.

Song fans during the sphere are eagerly expecting the liberate of Spotify Wrapped.

Ahead of ‘APOLOGIZE TO LISA’ was echoed on Twitter, Spotify was flooded with requests for clarification by ARMY regarding the alleged removal of songs belonging to BTS as a community and in my opinion from the overall community streaming.

Shortly after that, Spotify launched that the ‘Most Streamed Ok-Pop Soloist of 2022’ was given to Jungkook BTS.

In the end, the fans didn’t in actuality be all ears to it on the initiate. On the opposite hand, that changed when Spotify launched an apology for now not combining their vogue tags effectively, which ended in the ‘Most Streamed Ok-Pop Soloist of 2022’ being assigned to BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

After the assertion by Spotify, BLACKPINK Lisa began to be flooded with hateful comments via social media.

Thanks to the many detest comments directed at her idol, BLACKPINK fans sooner or later began making the ‘APOLOGIZE TO LISA’ vogue, which was particularly directed at Spotify for getting it sinful from the initiate.

Fans agree with that if there was no mistake made by Spotify then BLACKPINK’s Lisa would now not be the target of so many hateful comments online.