ARTBEAT Visual Heinous. We’re build the visible rating is completely subjective and most steadily it’s unnecessary. But right here Nambanation attach aside ourselves in a neutral aspect.

Every community in Okay-Pop has a particular visible location. And inserting on the visible rating has been a convention ever for the reason that time the put Fine Junior and SNSD eras relief better than a decade.

As a Rookie lady community who’s ready to brighten up the South Korean entertainment stage, ARTBEAT has certainly succeeded in attracting public attention forward of their debut. It’s no longer upright how they might well work, but from a visual perspective it’s additionally an appeal.

This ARTBEAT Visual Ranking will not be any longer for us to make a choice, but all of you. Sure, we use metrics with the tools we gather to computer screen opinions, responses, feedback from netizens relating to every member’s visuals.

Because we in truth feel this metric usage remains to be the fairest capability to this level in the ARTBEAT Visual Heinous assessment. We filtered high-quality keywords line plus the name of every member, right here are the outcomes.

ARTBEAT Visual Ranking

ARTBEAT Visual Ranking:

  1. Lee Gaeun
  2. Ha Seyoung
  3. Oh Yubin
  4. Ahn Yoojin
  5. Yoon Haeun
  6. Park Damhee
  7. Lee Sieun

As you might well even peep, Lee Gaeun occupies the first location. Many fans call her beautiful face care for a combine of Korean actress and fits Korean Beauty standards better than 90%. So much of extensive local and international media additionally talking about her, thus making her popularity additionally elevated deal.

Please demonstrate that these metrics are unstable and will proceed to alternate (change) on a month-to-month foundation, as we’ve acknowledged, we’re using the total public rating and their opinions, no longer our dangle pure version.

Disclaimer: This ARTBEAT Visual Ranking is amazingly subjective. Which suggests, our metrics on it’s depraved might well perhaps be utterly different of yours. It’s popular and other folks gather utterly different standard about this one.

That’s why we requested you guys to leave a comment to illustrate us and each person else about your dangle version of ARTBEAT visible rating, it is going to be fine and we fancy yours.