Feeble AKB48 member Owada Nana photobook “Encounter” has been released through digital platform. Are you uncommon about getting Naanya most recent PB?

A program that is broadcast every Friday at 22: 00 on Chibatele, “Municipal Tekuteku Hotfoot”. On this list Owada Nana talking about her recent photobook titled “Encounter”.

 Traffic will design conclude a heartwarming crawl during the charming cities, towns and villages of Chiba Prefecture♪

 In the 81st installment, Nana Owada took a crawl in Shirako Metropolis!

In the first segment, Nana-chan drew an oracle at Shirako Shrine and skilled harvesting Shirako onions. Where will we hurry this time?

To eat the Shirako-kind bouillabaisse suggested by town mayor, we visited Kawagoe, a restaurant that focuses on native ingredients .

Right here is a restaurant the keep apart you might maybe maybe even skills generous Western delicacies challenging by chefs who enjoy shown their abilities at hotels around Japan.

Next is the Shirako-kind bouillabaisse (risotto keep apart) , which comprises runt onions handiest for this season .

It sounds as if the tomato is also the usage of the  popular ′′ long existence tomato ′′ in long existence!
 Add rice and cheese to enact off the risotto! The rich soup goes neatly with rice♪

For dessert, we now enjoy got the “Milk Onion Genki-kun Roll, ” which comprises onions boiled in syrup!

In some arrangement, Nana-chan came to Shirako Onsen.

 Shirako Onsen is attracting consideration as a “healing hot spring” with a glimpse of the sexy coastline of Minami Kujukuri Seaside.

It is a pure hot spring that comprises iodine, which is uncommon in Japan, and the sunshine yellow hot water is for all time identified as ” golden hot water ” attributable to it is a ways high quality in relieving fatigue and beautifying and moisturizing the pores and skin!