Gary Chaw and Wu Sou Ling have faith officially announced the news of their divorce. They had been every beforehand rumored to having contemporary lady friend and boyfriend.

By his story, the correctly-known Mando Pop singer wrote, “Now we have faith ended our 14 Twelve months marriage,”.

“We manufacture peace and bless every other. Our shared aim is to care for our early life collectively to permit them to grow up healthy and free,” he wrote.

Beforehand, in accordance with Taiwanese media reports, it change into reported that the correctly-known singer had certainly strained his relationship along with his wife.

Here’s evidenced by Gary’s upload on October 30 on his social media which reads, “Quit, it’s very best.”

Beforehand, some netizens additionally realized that the husband and wife had unfollowed every other’s Instagram accounts, that have faith been suspected of having issues in the family

No longer prolonged ago, Gary additionally admitted that he and his wife Wu Sou Ling had been in a frosty warfare and weren’t particular about continuing the relationship to any extent further.

Local media says Gary Chaw having contemporary lady friend and have faith been relationship for more than a Twelve months.

Wu Sou Ling is reportedly wants to married all another time after her divorcement from Gary, it additionally says Wu Shu Ling is ready to discover pregnant with contemporary upcoming husband.

Additionally reported in June 2022, Taiwanese media printed that Wu had separated and change into picking up her daughter to come to her contemporary residence.