cerisier WEST disband!cerisiwer WEST statement on their disbandment:

We would favor to let you know that our firm Surijie WEST will be disbanded on March 25, 2023.

We sincerely ask for forgiveness to the entire followers for the unexpected data.
In hiss to stay a long way from varied speculations, I’d love to allege a slight bit regarding the conditions of the dissolution.

First of all, we can originate a original team in our firm next twelve months, and it used to be made up our minds that the contributors of Surijie WEST will work at the identical time as with this team.

Nonetheless, as a result of titillating about varied issues as we proceeded, we made up our minds that it will most definitely be anxious to take care of concurrent positions in both groups and that it will most definitely be a half of-hearted effort, so we made up our minds to specialise in one original team.

We ask for forgiveness for the disappointing data for those that loved and supported “Surijie WEST”.

Nonetheless, if we can have made it a extra standard team, it will maybe most likely actually have taken a undeniable make. I ask for forgiveness for my lack of production capacity.

The dissolution performance on March 25th is scheduled to be held at TakaraOsaka. Particulars will be introduced as soon as they’re made up our minds.

She has been the chief of Surijie WEST since its early days, and he or she used to be an completely well-known member of the original team within the long bustle.

Till now, there have been many issues that both the workers and the contributors have relied on Konatsu for, equivalent to considerations within the team, planning disorders, divisions at the theater and exterior, and other issues. It used to be a presence.

So when the original team used to be made up our minds, we had been talking about persevering with our actions together as contributors of the original team.

Nonetheless, as time handed, I had a demand to claim no from the person himself after talking with him time and again.
Though it is a long way terribly disappointing for her, I truly have respected her belief and agreed to her commencement at this time.

She has about 4 months left, but I’d love to continue to liven up the team together, so I am hoping she’s going to continue to make stronger Ami Konatsu of Surijie WEST.

Concerning our firm’s talent “Honami Nako”, we have now no longer heard from her, so she’s going to now now no longer belong to both Surijie WEST or the original team, and the contract will be canceled as of at this time time.

First of all, as a workers member, I’m very glorious regarding the original team, and I mediate that it is a mountainous step for the Osaka department to transfer forward.

When I used to be appointed as the supervisor to blame of “Surijie WEST”, I used to be in a explain the set up I didn’t know the leisure regarding the artificial.

Nonetheless, for the duration of the final three years, we have been blessed with large contributors, and there have been so many occasions that can no longer be expressed in words that we had been ready to develop together.

Nonetheless, on the different hand, from the producer’s level of behold, it’s factual that there are parts the set up I will be able to’t yelp whether or now no longer I’ve been ready to enact what I’d love to enact.

The belief that and route of the team used to be made up our minds from the beginning even earlier than I became to blame, and even when there have been parts I wished to enact extra, the diversities in belief, the east and west groups, and the sister groups within the set up of enterprise had been aligned to about a degree.

There have been many issues I gave up on. I mediate here’s now no longer restricted to Surijie WEST, and there are parts that might now no longer be helped due to quite loads of conditions, now no longer dissatisfaction.
This original team will be an idol team beginning from scratch handiest at the Osaka department.

So, any extra, I’d love us to be in step with every other, and as a change of being passive, the Osaka workers and contributors desires to be a team that “does what they’d favor to enact or what they mediate is attention-grabbing”.

It’s a subject unnecessary to claim that I wasn’t ready to enact it, so any extra, with the contributors who made up our minds to be a part of the original team, and the contributors who will be a part of any extra, I’ll exhaust on many challenges and waste many mistakes, and develop up.

We are able to take into account a team that can grasp success. I mediate there are pros and cons, but I’d worship it in case that you just can make stronger the newly started team within the long bustle.