Land of zombies is a horror zombie survival game where you have to go for a mission to collect a package to save the world from zombie apocalypse, you will need to kill scary zombies and protect yourself from them at the same time. You will need to enter inside a building, then the zombie mod will start. You have to complete each buildings levels. And from the final level you will need to collect the package. The game will not be a easy one to finish. Make sure you are a pro zombie killer before start the game. Otherwise zombies will just eat you.

Once upon a time, there were a lot of people, a lot of lives. But now, The world has changed, and people are turning into zombies. In the Apocalypse world all is getting out of control. Professor Lee started his research to make a vaccine for this zombie virus, and he had invented the zombie vaccine. But unfortunately zombies entered his laboratory, and he had been killed and turn into a Zombie. Now you are going to the Last City(a newly abandoned city), which is full of zombies and surrounded by big walls. Just after landing from the helicopter you have to find the building where professor lee’s laboratory was. You have to enter the building and keep moving by killing the zombies that coming towards you. Zombies will keep coming thru windows, you have to kill them and in that time you will need to open each doors to complete missions. Then you have to find the formula of the vaccine. Because world needs the vaccine to stop this zombie Apocalypse.


  • Full of action.
  • Weapon , guns also heavy machine guns.
  • Challenging Mission.
  • Zombie mod