Queer Lenovo K14 Existing Hidden Aspects Settings, Secret Codes to Uncover entry to certain menu, special apps solutions and simplest guidelines for Lenovo K14 Existing users that are also available on this most up to the moment Android phone that you just will likely be ready to exhaust to entry secret capabilities after which maximize phone efficiency and a lot more revel in your smartphone for Nambanation chums.

Each and every single one in all Android phone has many capabilities. Not handiest the default capabilities from its OS nonetheless also added from every of the emblem’s contain Americasuch as MIUI, One UI, Color OS, Funtouch OS, Zen UI, EMUI, Stock UI, Nothing Phone UI, etc.

And this time we gonna focus on Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities and its secret code that you just’ve potentially been questioning all this time, alongside side on how we manufacture factual exhaust of sophistication in technology to lend a hand our day-to-day exhaust of smartphone.


What Is Lenovo K14 Existing Hidden Aspects

The Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities are no longer any exception, which would possibly perchance genuinely be mature and searched deeper. Android is mainly the most trendy OS amongst all smartphone users and every 8 out of 10 smartphones equipped on this planet correct now runs on Android, in step with records.

With so many capabilities constructed into the Android OS and some extra add-ons embedded by OEMs, this smartphone has a ton of capabilities and most of them would possibly perchance be found straight from the settings menu for easy entry cherish we most incessantly contain on a day-to-day basis.

Nevertheless, there are a number of more capabilities that are no longer standard or handiest aimed toward evolved users and are hidden deep within the settings menu. Hence, that you just could presumably also very neatly be more likely to fail to identify basically the most extra special Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities and solutions of this instrument.

Nonetheless don’t bother, after reading this text you will likely be conversant within the listing of hidden capabilities of Lenovo K14 Existing phone in your higher Android experiences, which that you just could presumably also no longer contain heard of, and this could also absolutely blow your mind.

Queer Lenovo K14 Existing Special Systems

The next is a listing of Lenovo K14 Existing hidden solutions that you just will likely be ready to try yourself the usage of straight in your phone. First, we focus on Restore Deleted Notifications as phase of Lenovo K14 Existing Hidden Aspects. Have you ever ever faced a explain the save apart you tap the to-delete button in your notifications, handiest to hunt an warn you wished to be taught at the final 2d?

Yes, we know you’ve accomplished it earlier to, and it’s no doubt anxious. Notifications are a well-known phase of smartphones and even defend other folks connected to the instrument every single day.

Fortunately, now there’s a approach that you just will likely be ready to scrutinize every alert and discover what notifications you’ve bought within the previous couple of days in your phone without complications without having to set up extra apps to contain this Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities. The technique is as follows:

Lenovo K14 Existing Hidden Settings Systems

Long press on any empty field in your individual dwelling display. Collect Widgets from the menu. Catch the Settings shortcut widget. Within the Settings shortcut menu scroll down and tap Notification log. Now the Notification log shortcut will seem in your Lenovo K14 Existing homescreen.

Faucet this shortcut to hunt the total notifications you’ve overlooked within the past few days. Everytime you omit an terror, tap on the machine, and you’ll see an outline of all of your alerts. In case your smartphone doesn’t contain a Notification Log (which honest about every Android contain) review and trot for “Notification History Log” app from the Google Play Retailer.

Here’s one in all the finest Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities you will likely be ready to no doubt try without installing any apps, cherish if we’re looking out to set up Dynamic Island on this unbelievable cell phone. In particular for users who are quite busy of their day-to-day lives and no longer step by step merit their cell phone.

List of Lenovo K14 Existing Secret Codes

As we all know, Android phones contain a myriad of capabilities and entry that could no longer be accessed straight during the default cellular interface nor UI. Nonetheless don’t bother, you will likely be ready to try the following Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities to maximize the efficiency of this phone that you just could presumably also very neatly be currently the usage of to fabricate it sooner, soft, in terms of efficiency or files superhighway network.

Are trying accessing *#*# 4636 #*#(without spaces), clearly you will likely be redirected to a recent page that by default is rarely any longer found during the default Settings app in your Lenovo K14 Existing. That you could also maximize all sorts of capabilities properly, within the occasion you don’t understand the least bit, it’s most realistic to real ignore it because it doesn’t genuinely contain an ticket on the changes vastly.

Another Lenovo K14 Existing secret codes is *#06# to hunt your phone’s IMEI Number. Existing that, every single phone that’s been made on this world has totally different IMEI even supposing it’s the equivalent label and mannequin.

At the same time as you will likely be ready to revel in Lenovo K14 Existing Engineering Mode with the principle code at *#*# 54298 #*#now you will likely be ready to point any events or festivals scheduled in your phone’s calendar app with this code: *#*#225#*#without a must tap call/yes button on the dial pad.

Pause you feel there would possibly be a topic with the GPS while browsing and figuring out present design? Are trying the usage of this Lenovo K14 Existing secret codes: *#*#1472365#*#which serves to refresh your GPS capabilities.

Lenovo K14 Existing Battery Saving Tricks

Another extensive news is this phone has battery saver mode on settings menu. Nonetheless Lenovo K14 Existing Hidden Aspects would reduction you far more save your battery share must you’re out of doors.

Enable Darkish Mode: Well this characteristic is de facto exist since Android 10, yes, this characteristic saves smartphone battery by the usage of ambiance qualified your Lenovo K14 Existing display technology when the display background is unlit, to set off it merely initiating the placement bar and tap the shaded mode characteristic, or through settings app.

Lenovo K14 Existing Secret Folder With out Code

EDGE PANEL, this Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities will likely be fully superior for these of you who are looking out to multitask immediate, besides switching applications this characteristic presents lots of totally different panel alternatives corresponding to taking screenshots, accessing the compass, and additionally, you will likely be ready to also to find totally different panels that suit your wants, to set off it trot to settings – point to – edge display – edge panel. When it’s activated you will likely be ready to entry this characteristic by swapping the left tiny icon at the tip correct of phone display.

SIDE KEY, this Lenovo K14 Existing hidden solutions presents you alternatives when pressing vitality button, more corresponding to you will likely be ready to take care of when pressing and conserving the vitality button will wake Google Assistant or enter the menu to end down, there would possibly perchance be an risk to enter the app you wish when pressing the vitality button twice, to entry this characteristic trot to settings – evolved capabilities – aspect key.

In this discussion, Nambanation display absolute total Lenovo K14 Existing hidden capabilities from your Android phone that that you just could presumably also no longer contain mature earlier to. Please try it in your cellular and manufacture your expertise alongside with your instrument precious, within the occasion you’ve got any questions merely trot away a enlighten. Fantastic success.