NGT48 Nakai Rika’s Graduation Photobook is titled ‘Sukideshita’ (「好きでした」). The photobook of Nakai Rika who will graduate from NGT48 this summer will include swiming pose, pool with friend scenes and other valorous cuts.

As well to pages in rememberance of her Idol days, that contains various costumes inclined in the course of that time. Nakai Rika 2nd Photobook Interview and Shrimp print. She changed into invited to even handed one of speak display on local TV, there she is talking about her have pronounce album and her impressions on doing photoshoot.

Releasing pronounce book is terribly rare probability for any idols in Japan. It’d be big achievement for these getting this opportunity to display how big their names are in a basically competitive J-Pop industry.

Nakai Rika photobook in fact launched in few various tier and categories or they calls it “Form”, reckoning on what model and who will free up them would personal containing various extra or less allege.

These hotos had been taken in her fatherland. In Hokkaido, she changed into photographed at an unforgettable moment and a profound Western-vogue house in the deep forests living.

Referring to her photobook Rika Nakai says, “It no doubt grew to alter proper into a well-known book in my life. I changed into cheerful with a design to filming in my fatherland. I’m grateful to every person fervent and to every person who will likely be picking up this pronounce book. Thanks very noteworthy.”

She also acknowledged forward of photoshoot, she had to crawl to gymnasium a lot of times a week in speak in confidence to gather the faithful out of her physically. “I did what these seniors originate in 48 Neighborhood earlier than they free up a PB.”

What else in Nakai Rika Graduation photobook now? You may possibly possibly possibly love to peek tons of photography of her unbelievable rare pose which she hasn’t performed in anywhere else love weekly journal or even personal SNS.

The PB will even entails cumbersome interview and her level of behold in the course of her time at the crew, her subsequent plans, talking about relationship, her opinions on accrued issue of crew also obtainable there.

Must you are with NGT48 Nakai Rika photobook you are going to also gather them from Amazon Japan, Rakuten Restricted Duvet, Kinokuniya, Tsutaya, or a normal edition at nearest physical book store out of your house.