On Could per chance 2023, NMB48 smartly-known their 3000th Theater Efficiency with a undeniable negate that includes the contributors with most peformances within the Theater being held at the tip!

TOP 7 contributors with potentially the most performances within the Theater:

Ishida Yuumi – 959 occasions
Kawakami Chihiro – 678 occasions
Kato Yuuka – 590 occasions
Uno Mizuki – 584 occasions
Kojima Karin – 498 occasions
Jonishi Rei – 454 occasions
Maeda Reiko – 423 occasions

No topic being 7th Expertise contributors, Kameno Zion and Sumino Wakana every reached over 200 performances, 238 and 201 occasions respectively.

The MC all the way in which thru the efficiency used to be moreover mad with a chat connected to “3000 occasions”, however after the efficiency, a undeniable after-negate used to be held centered on the contributors with the absolute best sequence of appearances.

Yumi Ishida , Yuka Kato , and Karin Kojima from Crew N , Mizuki Uno , Chihiro Kawakami , Rei Kaminishi , and Reiko Maeda from Crew M , and Kanon Heno and Kazunori Sumino from Crew BII took the stage.

Including Ishida, a 959th 2d-Three hundred and sixty five days scholar, Kawakami, a fourth-Three hundred and sixty five days scholar, 678 occasions, Kato, a third-Three hundred and sixty five days scholar, 590 occasions, Uno, a 2d-Three hundred and sixty five days scholar, 584 occasions, Kojima, a fifth-Three hundred and sixty five days scholar, 454 occasions, Kami Nishi, as much as Maeda, a third skills member of Draft 423 occasions, are the pinnacle 7 active contributors who rating regarded in theater performances.

No topic being contributors of the 7th gen, Kameno Kano has performed 238 occasions, and Wakana Sumino has performed 201 occasions.

Kawakami , who correct accomplished the 3,000th commemorative efficiency, acknowledged, “The juniors had been active . I was cheerful when I thought that I was in that put over time.” expressed her gratitude to Ishida, who regarded in about 1/3 of the 3,000 episodes, acknowledged,

“I’m cheerful. I must set it even more thrilling in speak that I will defend the NMB48 theater from now on. Not most fine for NMB48 followers, however moreover for AKB48 and others I would pick to set it a theater efficiency that can appeal to the followers of the 48 groups,” she acknowledged.

Of your complete NMB48 theater performances, the one with potentially the most sequence of performances used to be the “Idol no Yoake” efficiency with 288 performances.

The 2nd put is “Seishun Women” with 243 performances, and the third put is “Kokodemo Tenshi wa Iru” with 242 performances. Basically the most fine 3 “approved theater performances” chosen by the contributors had been moreover announced, and the efficiency “Yume wa Kurenai” produced by Aya Yamamoto took first put.

The 2nd put is the efficiency of Yumi Ishida’s “Expertise Alternate Zenya” efficiency, and the efficiency of “Kokodatte Tenshi wa Iru” and the efficiency of “Will be idol” produced by Akari Yoshida are tied for third put.

Deguchi replied to a questionnaire about “Dreams By no way Speed Away Efficiency”, asserting, “It used to be the first usual efficiency and the setlist used to be very onerous, however it’s a memorable efficiency that I labored onerous for within the third and sixth seasons of Dora. I must end all of it all over again! Here is formative years!” .

Kione Shiotsuki moreover acknowledged, “As a learn scholar, ‘Scrap & Form’ and ‘Dreams don’t atomize out’ had been within the region list. Alternatively, it has the that way of allowing us to grow as we originate, and I love that there is this kind of hidden theme,” she spoke back. Basically the most fine 3 “theater efficiency songs” chosen by the contributors had been moreover announced, and the 1st put used to be “Hajimete no Hoshi”, the 2nd put used to be “Zipper”, and the third put used to be “Zutto Zutto”, “Tanpopo no Option”, and “Katenrou no Kyodo”. .

At the tip, captain Kojima acknowledged, “There are barely about a things which that it is probably going you’ll scrutinize on story of you are right here, such as the many happenings and stories that are intriguing to theater performances. We moreover deem that the efficiency is de facto staunch, and the followers I must proceed to love every and every efficiency in speak that everybody can deem me.I’m hoping you are going to reach to NMB48 Theater all all over again from the 3,001st efficiency.” concluded.

After that, a surprise sound used to be heard, and diminutive print of the live efficiency to be held in July had been projected on the display. Relating to producing subsequent-skills concert occasions, Kato commented, “After I noticed Yumi Ishida producing the ninth gen and seeing what the seniors had been doing, I thought, ‘I must ascertain out it too.’ I will end my most fine to set potentially the most fine use of every person’s individuality,” she commented.

Relating to her graduation, she used to be a bit of embarrassed, asserting, “Is the title k? (laughs)”, however she smiled, asserting, “I must desire everybody’s hearts at the tip.”