Wu ZheHan scandal issues makes her leaving SNH48 without graduation cloak. Wu Zhehan finally introduced that her contract with the SNH48 agency had ended.

The light SNH48 first generation member wrote a assertion containing the announcement on her Weibo account as news for followers.

In her upload, she thanked the agency for constructing her occupation for better than 10 years.

New day – first day This verbalize day has truly come, I don’t know how I truly feel, I believed I’m in a position to be very cushy, nevertheless in ineffective, right here is the finish of ten years and a recent starting.

Procrastination never knows verbalize each person this. Yes, my ten year relationship with Shanghai Siba Tradition Media Community Co., Ltd. has ended right here.

I thank each person who accompanied me alongside this rush, and I thank the agency~ I will turn out to be a correct just artist in due route and face the obedient world!

But the obedient Siba family, will I aloof plug there to celebrate hahaha I’m in a position to’t verbalize the leisure, I’m in a position to’t give renowned quotes, upright thanks for your entire assembly.

No topic how significant journey, correct or faulty, it’s miles a basis for thunder that others can’t inform away, the avenue forward, drag successfully! Attain on Wu Zhehan!

With Wu Zhehan leaving Siba Media’s administration, the first generation participants without deepest studios aloof inside of the agency were few and much between.

Wu Zhehan debuted as a vital generation member who turned into once introduced in October 2012. She is idea to be one of the renowned participants and gained the first SNH48 election queen in 2014.